All-in-One Workspace for Data Analysts
Prequel brings queries, docs, and metadata to a single workspace so you'll never have to context switch again.
Welcome to a more productive you.
Write your best SQL.
Meet the QueryDoc
Docs with executable queries
Run queries, take notes, and publish to your team's knowledge-base.
Context At Your Fingertips.
Data, discovered
All the information you need to write your best SQL: schemas, history, query logs, backlinks, owners, and lineage.
Get There Faster.
Meet THE Magic Sidebar
Context while you write
Shift+click to save context to the sidebar. No new tabs.

Coming soon...

SQL Notebook
Keep all of your queries in one place. Never dig for that sql file ever again.
Notes & Docs
Take personal notes as you do data work or build long-form documents to share with your team.
Team Wiki
Build a data dictionary for metric and query definitions, a new member onboarding flow, or a general knowledge-base.  
Data Catalog
Metadata is automatically aggregated and version-tracked, so you always know when something changes--schemas, query logs, and lineage.
To-do list
Use to-do lists to coordinate your SQL work.
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